PASSCHIP Time And Attendance

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Provides a powerful, modern and flexible workforce management solution that connects to any type of access control system


  • Tracks working hours, absences and overtime
  • Design and manage work schedule
  • Incidents (sick leave, vacation, doctor, etc.)
  • Gives a global view of the employee activity on the site.
  • Optionally it allows employees to see their own schedule and information, or team managers to manage their team’s schedule.
  • Generates reports that can be viewed on the platform or exported in .xls format that can be customized to the user’s needs


  • Tailored solution for integrating with the current control access system
  • Proven long life service
  • May be integrated with third parties security software, including biometric applications
  • Excellent substitute to human guard patrol services
  • Can be hosted completely on-site

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