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Our License Plate Reader offers automatic number plate reading combined with wiegand communication. The LPR reader transforms seamlessly integrated license plate reading into a wiegand card ID reader output


  • Is an all-in-one system that embeds the camera, projector and processing in a compact weatherproof housing.
  • Management is done using an embedded web browser interface, through the available Ethernet connection
  • High accuracy due to the adaptive and highly trained of our algorithms and high quality image sensors
  • Simple setup and easy deployment


  • The web browser interface also allows the integrator to configure the transmitted wiegand ID strings of the ALPR reader. Upon reading of the license plate the ALPR unit will refer to the database and transmit the corresponding wiegand ID using chosen wiegand format to the access control panel.
  • If the wiegand ID is authorized then access is permitted.
  • The LPR reader is featured with an internal database that matches the license plate to a specific valid Wiegand card ID (i.e. the already existing card number of the person that drives the car). This matching can be done easily and from a remote location using the web browser interface.

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