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PASSCHIP Inventory is a software solution designed to streamline workflow, inventory management, and accounting processes for businesses of all sizes. It offers a comprehensive platform to optimize operations and enhance productivity.

PASSCHIP Inventory enables efficient task management, and effective resource allocation. Its strong inventory management capabilities minimize stockouts and overstocking, while seamless integration with accounting software eliminates manual data entry.

Containing comprehensive reporting, PASSCHIP Inventory offers actionable insights to drive growth and innovation.


  • Efficiently manage and automate business processes to improve workflow efficiency.
  • Track inventory levels in real-time, streamline stock management, and minimize stockouts.
  • Seamlessly integrate with popular accounting software to synchronize financial data and streamline bookkeeping.
  • Generate detailed reports on inventory status and financial transactions to gain valuable insights into business operations.
  • PASSCHIP Inventory enables customizable email alerts for low stock, pending client payments, and deadlines. Receive timely notifications for efficient inventory and client management.


  • Seamless integration automates invoicing, and reporting, simplifying financial operations.
  • Real-time tracking and analysis help maintain optimal stock levels, minimizing costs and preventing stockouts.
  • PASSCHIP Inventory sends automated emails for stock updates, overdue client notices, and more, helping you stay informed about your business.
  • By enhancing efficiency and providing valuable insights, our solution boosts overall productivity and profitability.
  • PASSCHIP Inventory ensures data accuracy through meticulous quality control check, minimizing errors and maintaining data integrity.

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