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  • 5 June 2017

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According to a custom research, more and more bank customers are considering biometric access as a more trustworthy method to access their bank accounts.

Therefore, the study finds that young customers wold prefer using thumb prints and facial recognition rather than pin numbers and passwords. Visa, the company conducting the survey, even found that 25% of the 18-24-year-old would change banks if they found at the competition these access facilities that would allow them to use their voice, face or fingerprint to verify a money transfer. According to the research, a little over 60% of the 2.000 customers in the UK would prefer using biometric information to access the accounts and make payments. According to the Financial Times, there are already some banks which are experimenting with voice recognition and behavioural patterns. “It’s not a surprise that customers are turning away from the old banks, but it’s not just a younger generation — adoption of tech isn’t an age thing, it’s about attitude.”, a spokesperson for Atom Bank Stated. Atom Bank is a digital-only facility. Moreover, ironically, the same study conducted by Visa found that people were more likely to trust banks than government agencies with their biometric information.

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